Project Management though whole process


In cooperation with overseas engineers for many years, we have experience in the design and manufacture of precision machinery and large structures and research and development test evaluation work with Korea Air Force and Defense Research Institute. Based on know-how accumulated from our experience, we provide the best professional technical service for the construction schedule and quality control for the whole process from designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of designed products and facilities.

  • Evaluation of construction cost budget, selection of equipment, construction supplier, delivery price determination
  • Preparation of Technical Specification & Evaluation and Approval of Supplier Specification
  • Management of delivery and delivery date by short and long delivery date
  • Controlling the schedule by process such as equipment production, steel structure production, piping installation etc. & Quality control
  • Individual, integrated testing of all facilities, TAB
  • Final acceptance inspection and report creation, preparation of completed book
In particular, manufacturing and installation of large steel structures is very difficult to control the dimensions and is a process with high risk for process control safety. We have the ability to maintain the steel structure production team, installation team, production design manpower with high experience and teamwork, and to design and manufacture the assembly jigs and to make the shape accurately. In addition, regardless of whether the customer desires to dispatch only relevant technical personnel, or if it wants to manage the entire process from production design, sheet metal processing, welding assembly, painting processing, on-site transportation and installation to various customer needs, we are providing optimal technology management services.