Fabrication and Construction 


Dispatch of on-site technical personnel and production of on-site welding

  • Our company has not only excellent pipe worker and welder but also highly experienced field designing design manpower, so we are able to supply various kinds of service, such as individual production, installation. We are providing optimal technical service to various customer needs for the whole process.

Production, assembly and commissioning of general equipments

  • The complicated structure and the equipments with various parts are complicated in the manufacturing process, and there is difficulty in quality control such as sheet preparation, welding, machining, post-processing, painting, assembling parts assembly and commissioning inspection. We have experienced technicians who are experienced in the production of these developed products and perform the role of assuring the best quality of the customers’ satisfaction.

Manufacture, installation and commissioning of precision machinery equipment

  • In the case of exercise equipment that requires precise position control, it is reflected in the drawings so that assembly tolerances and assembly mistakes do not occur from the design stage, and detailed procedural documents are created and on-site resident supervision is carried out.

Special equipment, complementary design of equipment, repair, commissioning

  • Mechanical devices and process equipment, which are complicated in structure and can not be A / S in domestic market, are often demanded by customers because of their expertise in repairing them. Under these difficult circumstances, we will analyze the obstacles to special mechanical equipment and process equipment in which the specialized technical teams of machinery, piping, electricity, and control jointly work, We offer a full range of specialized and complete technical maintenance services including design, outsourcing of faulty parts, demolition repair, reassembly, and commissioning.

Technical book production

  • In accordance with the customer’s request, we produce and supply manuals that are essential for the operation and maintenance of the products (equipment and facilities) designed and manufactured. We also provide overseas technical books or manuals (regulations, technical specifications, We provide the best professional technical service from the customers’ point of view such as providing the translation, and changing and producing the overseas different unit (in, lbs) drawings according to the domestic situation.