Integrated Engineering Design Service

From machinery sector(fluid machine(blowers, pumps, compressors), air-conditioning refrigeration, heat exchanger, noise vibration, plumbing etc. to  electrical, instrumentation, automatic control applications sector. From design, equipment selection, production to installation. We have the ability to design ergonomic system using a technical cooperation network with specialized companies and academic institutions and this network has been built for a long time in each technology sector.

Project Management through whole process

In cooperation with overseas engineers for many years, we have experience in the design and manufacture of precision machinery and large structures and research and development test evaluation work with Korea Air Force and Defense Research Institute. Based on know-how accumulated from our experience, we provide the best professional technical service for the construction schedule and quality control for the whole process from designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of designed products and facilities.

On-site Installation

Dispatch of on-site technical personnel and production of on-site welding

  • Our company has not only excellent pipe worker and welder but also highly experienced field designing design manpower, we are able to supply various kinds of products, such as individual production, installation, We are providing optimal technical service to various customer needs for the whole process.